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Chennai woman PR professional is the only one from Tamil Nadu to get selected for India’s Regional PR Awards 2022 (IRPRA #40u40)

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Chennai woman PR professional is the only one from Tamil Nadu to get selected for India’s Regional PR Awards 2022 (IRPRA #40u40)

Chennai, November 21, 2022:

Nation’s fastest-growing social platform, successfully concluded the second edition of India’s Regional PR Awards (IRPRA 40u40) on the occasion of Indira Gandhi Jayanti on Saturday, November 19, 2022. The nation’s biggest Regional PR Awards were aimed to identify and felicitate the most promising regional PR professionals.

Among the winners is Joy Sangeetha of Mainstay PR. The Chennai-based woman public relations professional is the only one from Tamil Nadu to get selected for this coveted honour.

Interestingly, IRPRA saw overwhelming participation from promising minds in the PR sector in its second edition. It received 186 registrations and 76 case studies from 17 states across the country, which was painstakingly processed, and 40 winners were selected by the esteemed jury panel of 10 members.

Pawan Tripathi, Organizer, IRPRA says,”All 40 winners have many years of experience in the regional PR field and this award show has emerged as the best medium to recognize their hard work, consistency, and professionalism.” With its second successful edition, we endeavor to ensure that IRPRA cements its place among the most prestigious award functions in the industry. We are grateful for the appreciation and support received from stalwart professionals in the PR sector, which motivates us to make this much-awaited award function better with each edition.”

According to Rohit Singh Chandel, Channel Head,, “It is a matter of great pride for us to host the second edition of the country’s first Regional PR Awards. I would like to thank all the jury members from the bottom of my heart for their special contribution to making this a success. Congratulations to all the 40 winners who have worked ceaselessly in the regional PR scene over the years.”

40 winners of IRPRA under 8 categories were primarily divided into five zones: East, West, North, South, and central. The winners are:

Award for excellence in the CSR category, Winners are:
1 Abhishek Singhania, West Bengal
2 Anubhuti Srivastava, Chhattisgarh
3 Atridev Misra, West Bengal
4 Joy Sangeetha, Tamil Nadu
5 Ram Prasad, Chhattisgarh

Award for the best creative entertainment campaign category, Winners are:

1 Anand Prakash, Delhi

2 Ojaswee Sharma, Punjab

3 Sapna Dhole, Madhya Pradesh

4 Shetanshu Dikshit, Maharashtra

5 Swati Chakrabarty, West Bengal

Award for the Best PR campaign for the Crisis communications category, Winners are

1 Ankuj Rana, Jharkhand

2 Deepak Chadha, Uttar Pradesh

Award for the Excellence in local brand PR campaign category, Winners are

1 Abreeti Sen, West Bengal

2 Chahak Roda, Delhi

3 Chidansh Choudhary, Rajasthan

4 Durga Samal, Odisha

5 Hamad Berlashker, Assam

6 Phool Hasan, Madhya Pradesh

7 Richank Tiwary, Delhi

Award for the Excellence in PSU/government PR campaign category, Winners are

1 Richy Alexander, Kerala

2 Ayush Mathur, Delhi

3 Divya Batra, Bihar

4 Neha Yogendra Singh, Uttar Pradesh

Award for the Excellence in rural area PR campaign category, Winners are

1 Shilpi Saxena, Uttarakhand

2 Shivani Thakur Gupta, Jammu and Kashmir

3 Trivedi Krishna, Gujarat

Award for the Leading PR campaign for the Startups category, Winners are

1 Princy Sharma, Uttar Pradesh

2 Anshuma Sharma, Uttar Pradesh

3 Bijayeeta Tripathy, Odisha

4 Divyabh Singh, Delhi

5 Hari Sankar B, Kerala

6 Neha Iyer, Karnataka

Award for the Leading PR creative campaign for the business category, Winners are

1 Brahm Shankar Singh, Uttar Pradesh

2 Harish Sharma, Punjab

3 Maheswara Rao G V, Telangana

4 Nadhiya Mali, Maharashtra

5 Prashant Baxi, Gujarat

6 Saurav Chakraborty, Gujarat

7 Stuti Singh, Delhi

8 Subhankar Banerjee, Assam

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