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Zuper Delivers Strong Growth In 2022 As Service Businesses
Accelerate Adoption Of Automated Digital Solutions

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Zuper Delivers Strong Growth In 2022 As Service Businesses
Accelerate Adoption Of Automated Digital Solutions
Chennai, March 8, 2023: Zuper, a leading solutions provider to scale and modernize fast-
growing businesses with field teams, announced key 2022 growth milestones. The company
grew its global customer base by more than 50% and recorded a 3x growth in revenue. As
businesses with field service teams accelerate their efforts to modernize operations and provide
superior customer experiences, Zuper’s value proposition has grown exponentially.
Zuper offers the most powerful field service management solution available today with flexible
and customizable workflows, robust reporting and analytics, and a commitment to white-glove
service and support. Companies spanning industries, including manufacturing, facility
maintenance, solar and renewable energy, and residential services industries have modernized
and scaled their businesses with Zuper.
The 2022 Zuper Growth Highlights Include:
Company Growth and Milestones
● 3x overall company revenue growth
● 3x YoY growth in global customers
● 3x YoY active users growth
● 4x YoY growth in the number of integrations
● 3x YoY growth in team size – Scaled to 110 employees
Customer Traction
● $40 million in payments processed
● 12 million jobs created
● 100,000+ assets tracked, maintained, and managed
● Key customers include: TRIM, ProVigil, IKEA, Origem, JanPro, Karcher, Airmatics, Sail
Internet, Vodafone, and City of Saint Paul
Revenue and Funding
● $24+ million in funding from FUSE, Sequoia, Prime Venture Partners, Kin Ventures, and
HubSpot Ventures
New Product Innovations
● Enhanced Route Optimization
● Customizable Email Templates and Automations
● Intelligent SMS capabilities
● Enhanced Dispatch Board
● Unified Payments View

New Product Integrations
● HubSpot
● Zendesk
● Zoho
● Wisetack
● Field Nation
Zuper has offices in Seattle, U.S & Chennai and founded by Raghav Gurumani, Karthik Rao
and Vijay Narasiman, Anand Subbaraj. The rapidly changing Field Service Management
industry has catalyzed a significant market need for flexible and customizable digital solutions
designed to meet changing customer demands, the evolving role of field technicians, and a
world where winning solutions integrate seamlessly into an organization’s existing technology
ecosystem. This reality has accelerated Zuper’s growth across industries and geographies in
Supporting quote:
Anand Subbaraj, CEO, Zuper
“The field service industry is undergoing significant transformation due to a shifting labor market,
supply chain challenges, and advancements in digital technologies. These realities are pushing
organizations to increase operational efficiencies and are driving growth for us and our market.
Moving into 2023, we will strengthen our leadership position as more companies realize the
value we provide to fully automate workflows, enable field workforce collaboration and deliver
their customers the best possible experience.”
About Zuper
Zuper empowers fast-growing service businesses to scale and modernize with the industry’s most comprehensive,
flexible, and customizable field services management solution. Zuper’s platform integrates seamlessly with industry-
leading apps and CRMs and comes with personalized support, as well as robust reporting and analytics. Thousands
of users globally rely on Zuper’s automated workflows to enable field workforce collaboration and deliver their
customers the best possible experience. Established in 2020, Zuper Inc. is headquartered in Seattle with offices in
India and the Middle East. Learn more at

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